Meet The Team

YourCook was launched by Rachel Garwood in early 2014 as a food review site.  Rachel enjoys helping people lead healthier and active lifestyles because she used to be overweight due to unhealthy eating habits. So she fully understands the challenges people face in trying to be more mindful about their approach to food consumption.

In late 2015, YourCook transformed into a healthy meal delivery services directory and currently, the YourCook team are in the process of launching a meal comparison engine.

YourCook will make it easier for you to compare meals such as a McDonalds Big Mac, Costa Sandwich, a Nando's dish, a meal prep package and much more.

Explore the macronutrients and ingredients of your favourite foods side by side and decide whether to buy food options that are a better fit for you based on your nutrition, health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Sign up to our mailing list at to find out when the price comparison meal engine will launch. Also join us at the launch party on 8th June. To buy your tickets visit Eventbrite.

For our bespoke price comparison service for meal prep and meal kit deliveries, please visit

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