It has been a while since I have posted but the site is still dedicated to helping you make healthier food choices wherever you are. Whether you are at a shop, restaurant, home or out and about etc.  In the upcoming months the news section will be regularly updated and I am particularly keen to discuss the launch of products that can help you buy and eat healthier options and prevent you from derailing your commitment to eating healthier food.

I have made a renewed effort these past few weeks to overhaul my nutrition plan because I have entered the Los Angeles Marathon which take place on 15th March 2015.

Eating and drinking the products that energise, fuel me and are good for my body makes a big difference to how I feel and perform day to day and ultimately will have an impact on race day.  Therefore I want to be an excellent physical and shape to tackle the course and a healthy diet makes this task much easier. The desire to eat unhealthier foods appears from time to time but it has how you deal with them that determines whether you will succeed to sticking to your healthier eating plan.
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