You may have heard of the phrase "Winners never quit and quitters never win" however sometimes it is necessary in life to quit certain things whether it is dropping out of a course, leaving a relationship, walking out of a job, closing down a business and the list goes on. You will have your own examples of why you had to quit in a range of situations.

I've quit numerous times but I do believe though that there are some aspects of life that we should endeavour not to quit and it is probably not too hard to guess what those areas are.   You have probably guessed right, it is healthy eating and exercise.  I am passionate about consuming healthy and nutritious food and keeping fit and healthy but I was not always so inclined. So if you are struggling to stick to a healthier eating plan or get a few more hours of exercise into your weekly schedule, don't give up!    

Relying on motivation to keep you going is not enough. Taking action when you don't feel like it, is essential. You might even believe that motivation is garbage. Check out what Mel Robbins has to say about motivation and other topics in this awesome Impact Theory video in her interview with Tom Bilyeu.

Your flights and accommodation are booked and you might have opted for self catering, bed and breakfast, half board or all inclusive. Or you could be staying with people you know but this post is particularly aimed at those who choose a resort for their accommodation.

For some, what you eat and drink on holiday does not matter because you just want to enjoy your time and essentially eat and drink what you want when you want. However for others we try and stick to healthier meals and drinks.

Healthier Food Choices - The apple or the burger

I try to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle by being a conscious eater intermingled with some exercise here and there. I became a vegetarian five and a half years ago much to the dismay of family and friends who didn't quite understand but I did so due to health reasons and fortunately I find it relatively easy to sustain this lifestyle, although the aroma of freshly oven cooked salmon or lamb does tempt me and one year I did succumb but it was my birthday. I try and keep fit and previously played football which I started playing at 5 years old. I run occasionally and have decided to undertake another half or full marathon this year to improve my fitness and beat my previous running times as well as raise some funds for charity. This should be possible as my first attempts were rather slow because unfortunately I did more walking than running due to lack of training.

Welcome to I am Rachel the creator of this site and the fact that launch day is finally here just after celebrating my 30th birthday is very exciting. I am pleased to share with you what has been cooking these past few months.

I have created a review forum where you can rate a range of ready meals, restaurant cuisine, home made food and also a selection of weight management/loss and sports nutrition products. This serves to help consumers make informed decisions when faced with an assortment of food and nutrition brands and products when out shopping whether online or in store, as well as provide constructive feedback to the meal manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, cooks and chefs.
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