I understand the importance and health benefits of eating healthily coupled with frequent exercise and recently learnt that nutrition plays a bigger part in maintaining a healthy mind and body than I previously thought. A couple of years ago, I was introduced by my personal trainer at my local gym whilst training for a marathon to a nutrition company and its range of products. I was impressed with the meal replacement shakes, became a wellness coach and greatly increased my knowledge about optimum nutrition.  Many years ago I desired to become a nutritionist due to my love of food and when I was much younger I wanted to marry a chef because of the misguided belief I would have delicious food cooked for me round the clock. A job as a food taster on cookery shows was also an ambition.

Preparing and eating meals that are nutritious, tasty and inexpensive is the combination that some of us would strive to achieve but sometimes it seems as though healthier foods are less tasty than processed foods but that is a matter of opinion. Many of us lead busy lifestyles whether you are a busy professional, student, parent etc and might not have the time or the energy to prepare freshly cooked home made meals and eat as healthily as we would like and therefore find it more convenient to consume ready meals and meal replacement shakes.

When I was a student at University I have a vague recollection of eating ready meals and probably inadvertently ate horse meat as I was a meat eater up until my mid twenties. I still eat ready meals from time to time; vegetarian and vegan ready meals and understand that some of you are completely opposed to eating processed ready meals and I can see why. For an overview of the ready meal industry, please have a listen to this informative Food and Drink Programme on BBC Radio 4.

YouRCooK is a site where you can explore a range of ready meals and meal replacements but a spotlight will be on manufacturers, brands and retailers that produce ready meals and meal replacements which are healthier, fresher and contain high quality ingredients which can help with good nutrition, weight loss, weight maintenance and sports nutrition.  I hope you will enjoy reading the upcoming guest blogs from nutritionists, fitness professionals and athletes about the healthier ready meals and meal replacements that are on the market.