The Natural & Organics Product Show

The Natural & Organic Products Show is an exhibition that took place at the Olympia Grand in London over the past two days, 13th and 14th April. The Natural Food, Beauty & Spa, Natural Living & Natural Health Shows were altogether in one large hall and a wonderful selection of products were on display.  I only found out about this event at the last minute but I new it would be a great opportunity to meet the people behind innovative brands in the natural and organic sector as well as find out about fantastic product ranges.

There were so many items to sample but I only selected a few. At the first stand I visited, the slim noodles range had been cooked in a wok with vegetables and soya sauce. The gentleman at the booth offered me a small tray of noodles and I was surprised that the portion was only 2-3 calories and tasted utterly delicious. These noodles contain 94% less calories compared to traditional noodles and is gluten, fat and sugar free.
At the Aduna stand I was able to try Baobab powder and all the wonderful health benefits of this
fruit can be found here. The powder tastes a bit like sherbert and it can be added to a range of meals. 

Next was the refreshing and delicious taste of the award winning Qcumber, a gently sparking spring water made from you guessed it cucumbers and my final treat was a scrumptious white and strawberry chocolate piece which was sugar free from Free'ist Foods.

I also had a range of samples to take away with me such as peanut butter powder from Hale Naturals which contains 70% less fat than traditional peanut butter, no trans fats or hydrogenated oil and is high in protein and fibre.

In my next blog I will discuss some of the take away brochures and products that I got from the show in more detail.

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