Utterly Delicious Green Smoothies

Juices or Smoothies? Well I opted for the latter due to the higher fibre content. I've been consuming green smoothies for the past 7 days and aim to do so until I compete in the Los Angeles Marathon in 8 weeks time. This new nutrition regime was sparked by finding out about Jason Vale (Juice Master) and I could not ignore the persuasive testimonials from people who spoke about the positive affects of juicing on their health. There is also Joe Cross (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) whose documentary inspired me a few years ago to start a juice fast and so now is the time to get my body to optimal health.

The green smoothies I consume contain a range of vegetables, fruits, seeds, protein and nuts and also almond milk or water. I will be putting up some of my recipes over the next few days for you to try. The Funky Fresh Juice Book has also provided great recipes which are aimed at doing specific things for your body such as helping certain conditions or achieving specific outcomes.

Due to marathon training I've also been supplementing my green smoothies with dark chocolate almond milk and quinoa to help with muscle recovery after my long training runs.

Green smoothies are delicious and nutritious and I rate them highly. It is hoped that there will be a noticeable improvement in my endurance and running speed capabilities in the next couple of months but only time will tell. Give green smoothies a go and see how it can help nourish your body and make a positive difference in your life. Try one tomorrow morning for breakfast. Some people have said it has; given them more energy, better mental clarity, appetite control, helped them lose weight and also cured certain medical conditions.
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