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Is Eating Healthily On Holiday Impossible: Part I?

Your flights and accommodation are booked and you might have opted for self catering, bed and breakfast, half board or all inclusive. Or you could be staying with people you know but this post is particularly aimed at those who choose a resort for their accommodation.

For some, what you eat and drink on holiday does not matter because you just want to enjoy your time and essentially eat and drink what you want when you want. However for others we try and stick to healthier meals and drinks.

During my short canary island break last week I was conscious about the types of food and drink I consumed and opting for self catering greatly helped a great deal with maintaining a healthy eating regime.
Here are some tips for healthy eating abroad:

1. Research food venues and menus online before you go on holiday. Tripadvisor is a great site for letting you know whether the food is good or not at a wide range of restaurants.

2. Try to order healthier options which contain a higher proportion of salads and vegetables, lean protein and little or no carbohydrates.

3. Keep a food diary to monitor what you eat (either online or with pen and paper).

4. At buffets limit the number of servings, monitor portion sizes and try to select the foods stated in point 2 above
What tips do you have for eating and drinking healthily on holiday? Please share them below in the comments section.
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