Motivation Comes And Goes Consistency Is The Key

You may have heard of the phrase "Winners never quit and quitters never win" however sometimes it is necessary in life to quit certain things whether it is dropping out of a course, leaving a relationship, walking out of a job, closing down a business and the list goes on. You will have your own examples of why you had to quit in a range of situations.

I've quit numerous times but I do believe though that there are some aspects of life that we should endeavour not to quit and it is probably not too hard to guess what those areas are.   You have probably guessed right, it is healthy eating and exercise.  I am passionate about consuming healthy and nutritious food and keeping fit and healthy but I was not always so inclined. So if you are struggling to stick to a healthier eating plan or get a few more hours of exercise into your weekly schedule, don't give up!    

Relying on motivation to keep you going is not enough. Taking action when you don't feel like it, is essential. You might even believe that motivation is garbage. Check out what Mel Robbins has to say about motivation and other topics in this awesome Impact Theory video in her interview with Tom Bilyeu.
Find your reason(s) for desiring a more healthy lifestyle. It could be to; have more energy to spend time with your family, not feel tired walking up a flight of stairs, lose weight, complete a sports event or to have more energy each day to accomplish the many tasks you have to get through. Go ahead and write down your reasons as to why you want to be healthier.

For me personally, pursuing a healthy lifestyle for purely aesthetic reasons does not cut it for me but I like the way healthy nutrition makes me feel and the affect it has on improving my fitness for endurance events. As a consequence of this approach it keeps me youthful and full of life. I have to set myself goals as it's in my nature. My upcoming marathon in Los Angeles in 4 weeks time has spurred me into action over the past few months and provided me with a major impetus to keep fit. 

Of course my nutrition is not spot on all the time but consistency is the key and even if I have a not so good day, I can start a fresh and resume the day after and likewise you can do the same.

If you would like to share your motivations for wanting to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the comments section below, please do or you might just want to discuss them with others who will support you or maybe you want keep them to yourself. Do whatever you think will work for you and if you want further assistance with this let me know.

YouRCooK is here to help you on your healthy journey and if you have limited time to prepare nutritious food, there are many fantastic meal delivery services that can step up to the plate and provide you with a range of meals.

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