Is Eating Healthily On Holiday Impossible: Part II?

I addressed this topic earlier on in the year and provided suggestions on how to eat without reckless abandon on holiday and therefore avoid the approach of 'well I'm on holiday so I can eat whatever I want'. If you want to eat whatever you want and whenever you want whilst on holiday, that is your prerogative and this article might not appeal to you. 

For those that try to exercise some restraint although it can be a challenge, I will endeavour to provide some advice on how to successfully navigate the abundance off food on a cruise ship and I have to admit this is no easy task. This was my first family cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and I didn't know what to expect at all. Concerns about sea sickness plagued my mind due to my previous experiences on boats and ferries but due to the smooth sailing of the ship on calm waters, it felt like I was on land. 

Whilst on board I was very conscious that I had to maintain a semblance of a healthier eating schedule because I was due to take part in a Tough Mudder event a few days after I returned from holiday. So I tried to eat fewer carbohydrates, more protein and head to the gym each day. There was always buffet style food available from restaurants, cafes and barbeques and you could serve yourself an unlimited amount of times. The amount of vegetables and fruit available was impressive and so there was no excuse for not eating fresh healthy food each day.

Yes the cruise ship had a gym and spa and even a level where you can run/walk on deck and get some laps in.  I was very impressed that all these facilities were available.

The personal trainer at the gym called Kyle offered free foot analysis for all those who were interested where I learnt about the benefits of orthotics to stabilise and balance your feet to enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain and contribute to your total body wellness. I will have to buy a pair of these at some point in the near future.

Leaving the cruise ship and walking on the islands also helped in burning off a few calories however, more sun bathing than walking was done due to the intense heat.

So I found that it is possible to make healthier food choices on a cruise ship but due to the abundance of different food available it is tempting to try a whole host of different foods which makes exercising portion control a major challenge. As a result I ended up eating larger quantities than I normally would but I also exercised to negate the increase in the consumption of calories.
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