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Home Chef desires to make cooking simple by providing a weekly meal delivery service. Set up by Founder and CEO Pat Vihtelic in 2013, Home Chef a Chicago, Illinois company delivers meal kits containing recipes and portioned ingredients. In 2016, this Chicago recipe box business delivered over 10 million meals and expanded their delivery to cover more than 97% of the US population. To receive 30% off your first order, visit Home Chef's website by clicking here.

Home Chef wants to help people with busy lifestyles skip the grocery store and create appetizing meals in 30 minutes. Every week you get to choose from eight or more unique recipes that suit your tastes and preferences. The Home Chef algorithm learns to pick meals (each meal is suitable for two people) based on your preferences and past meal selections. There is so much choice on offer and recipes are not repeated during the same year. Food options available include dinner, breakfast and smoothies as well as speciality diets such as vegetarian, vegan, low carb and gluten-free. Nutrition information is also available for each meal.

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The US State of Florida, although known as the sunshine state also receives formidable weather occurrences such as hurricanes, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 caused more than $25 billion worth of damage and unfortunately 2017's hurricane Irma could potentially unleash catastrophic damage on the State again.
In 2015, Florida had the fourth largest economy in the United States after California, Texas and New York and its population size was estimated to be around 20 million. Miami and Orlando are not the most populated Florida cities but it is Jacksonville with just under 1 million inhabitants.
Tourism is one of the largest sectors of the Florida economy and its beach towns are popular holiday destinations for people in other parts of the US and abroad. Reports state it is in fact the number 1 tourist hotspot, and its Orlando Disney World theme park is the most visited vacation resort with over 50 million annual visitors.

The restaurant association in 2015 estimated there were almost 40,000 eating and drinking establishments, so lets take a closer look at the healthy meal delivery services that make up this number.

The following 40 Florida food delivery businesses below have company listings on this site.  Click on the business name to be directed to the meal prep or recipe box delivery vendor profile.  These companies are located in various areas of Florida such as West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Largo and Gainesville. If you have bought products from any of the Florida food companies, please share your review on the YouRCooK platform under the respective business listing.

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New York is the most populous city in the United States  and in 2015, the census data approximated that just over 8.5 million people inhabited this region and around 800 languages were spoken there. In the same year the National Restaurant Industry stated that 45,681 Eating and Drinking establishments existed in NY.

In this article we have identified 21 healthy meal preparation and meal kit services that are based in New YouRCooK. Visit our homepage to explore further options if you wish to. Please also leave food and business reviews about any food prep services you have used at the relevant business listing or in the comments section below.

Meal Prep
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Toronto has the highest population of any Canadian city (nearly 3 million) and is the provincial capital of the region of Ontario.

Below is a list of five meal kit/prep delivery services in Toronto, Canada. In Part II we will list another five companies. To find out the full list please visit our homepage, YouRCooK and conduct a search. Currently there are almost 60 Canadian healthy meal service providers listed.

Meal Kit Delivery Toronto

1. One Kitchen

One Kitchen is a Toronto meal kit delivery supplier of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so you can easily create great tasting meals from recipes designed by executive chefs. Their aim is to deliver the ultimate cooking experience and bring families, friends, loved ones, and strangers closer together.
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Listed below in no particular order are a selection of Healthy Meal Preparation Services in the US State of California. YouRCooK is a Meal Prep and Recipe Kit Delivery Services comparison website which aims to make it easier for you to select a suitable food prep company.

Over the past few years the number of meal delivery services focusing on delivering fast, nutritious and fresh food has increased. To find out more about this sector, see our previous article called 'Why is Meal Prep So Popular?'

So far we have found just under 500 meal management services that reside in the USA and the Golden State of California appears to contain the most healthy meal delivery services in North America.
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