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With a history stretching back to 2003, Bodychef is an established healthy meal delivery service. It all started when Jayne Richie, founder of Bodychef, was preparing meals for a handful of clients in her own kitchen. They proved so popular and demand increased so much that Jayne expanded her operation, founding Bodychef.

Now, Bodychef offers 20 different diet plans (including halal options) that can be completely customised to suit your specific dietary requirements. Each diet plan is focused on losing or maintaining weight, as well as increasing overall health and wellbeing.
There’s something for everyone with plans ranging from paleo diets to gluten free diets to detox diets.

Bodychef has managed to maintain the same level of personalisation you’d expect from a meal cooked in a home kitchen. This is clear in Bodychef’s diet creation process:

Enter information such as weight, your date of birth, and some info about your daily routine. This helps Bodychef determine your calorific requirements.
Choose a single plan from the 20 on offer, which acts as a core basis for your diet.
Personalise your plan by setting your own calorie limits, swapping out foods you dislike, and accounting for any allergies.
Then simply wait for your delivery and ‘heat up and eat up’.
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Tonight at 9pm on BBC2, Sunday 31st July, the second episode of the current series of Dragons' Den aired where budding  entrepreneurs pitched business ideas to multimillionaires (Season 14 Episode 2).

The present panel of judges is made up of five multimillionaire investors, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Nick Jenkins, Sarah Willingham and Touker Suleyman.

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Talented British musician, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins MBE enters the Forbes World's Wealthiest Celebrities List of 2016 at an impressive number 9, with earnings of $80.5 Million pretax. The 28 year old singer songwriter hails from Tottenham, London and graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006.

Her debut album, 19 was released in 2008 to commercial and critical success. Adele's follow up studio album, 21 and third, 25 were also best selling. Her music has been nominated for and received numerous awards including Grammys, Brits, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. She is also the first woman in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have three simultaneous top 10 singles as a lead artist, and the first female artist to simultaneously have two albums in the top five of the Billboard 200 and two singles in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100. Very impressive!
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Argentine footballer Lionel Messi enters the Forbes World's Wealthiest Celebrities List of 2016 at number 8, with earnings of approximately $81.5 Million before tax. Tax affairs must be a sore point for Messi, because this reigning Ballon d'Or winner who has won FIFA's player of the year award five times was found guilty of tax fraud by a Spanish court.  On 6 July 2016, Messi and his father were handed suspended 21 month prison sentences, and respectively ordered to pay €1.7 million and €1.4 million in fines. But it is highly unlikely that Lionel will serve any time behind bars for this offense.

29 year old Messi is rated by some as the greatest player of all time and this is quite an accolade. As well as his prestigious awards, Lionel has also won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues with Spanish team Barcelona.

So we all know Messi is a very talented football player but more importantly what fuels the Majestic Messi? All will be revealed in the next few paragraphs.
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I had the opportunity to interview Marco Hajikypri, the owner of Professional Gains. Click on this Facebook Video Link or the image below to watch the interview and find out what he has to say. The transcript of the interview is also available below.

Interview Transcript

Marco: Right ok basically we’ve got Rachel Garwood from YouRCooK who is the director and founder of YouRCooK and she is going to be interviewing me today about a few things about myself, how my companies being growing, how her company has benefited and helped me as a company as well. Over to Rachel, she didn’t want to be on camera today, she’s a bit camera shy, she hasn’t got her makeup on.

Rachel: Ha ha, yeah exactly Marco. Yes it’s great to see you today. So I will just kick this off. Share with us all something interesting that people might not know about you.

Marco: Right ok, um that I don’t stop working maybe, uh I dunno. My life and everything around me is just like um. I don’t think people understand how focused I am. How driven I am with things. You know for example with my work. Everything I do in my life is to do with my work and everyone I speak to. I want to speak, I want to speak to them about my products you know, probably my obsession, people don’t know about my obsession. Maybe that’s what I would say.

Rachel: So this brings us on nicely to why and when did you start Pro Gains

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What is your definition of healthy food? What Should We Be Eating? Well I will address this very issue in my keynote speech at the Takeaway and Restaurant Innovation Expo at Excel, London. My talk will be approximately 20 minutes with a question and answer sessions afterwards. I aim to make this seminar very informative and interactive.

The seminar examines the meaning of healthy eating. Is any food truly healthy or unhealthy? We are led to believe that specific foods are better to eat than others but research reports will regularly contradict this claim, and foods that were considered healthy are reclassified as unhealthy and foods once deemed as not so healthy are back on the unhealthy list and vice versa.
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