Prepare and deliver healthy gourmet meal plans to people with active lifestyles.

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Prepare and deliver healthy gourmet meal plans to people with active lifestyles.

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Soulmate Food, founded in 2008 by CEO Christian Coates brings the power of healthy cuisine to your doorstep. Kettlebell Kitchen acquired the business in 2018. Take a look at their collection of meal packages here.

Delivering a gourmet service across the UK with great tasting, innovative food combinations, rich in potent nutrients, designed to accelerate a wide range of wellness goals, your personalised nutrition needs will be met.

Meal plans include: Weightloss, maintenance, perform, vegetarian, juice, cellular cleanse and soup and supershot.

Soulmate Food are also the go-to meal service for a large number of Premiership and Championship football clubs, International Rugby squads and many Team GB teams.

Fuelling your body correctly for training can be confusing and time consuming. They do all the hard work for you because their menus have been designed by a team of leading professionals, using science from elite sport to maximise performance levels and recovery.

All of their meals are individually hand prepared and weighed, ensuring that the macro-nutrient and calorie information you see on the label is accurate for every single meal.

Check out their Soulmatefood meal plans here.


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